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By Adrienne Wilmoth Lerner

Study very important points of the global environmental problems with worldwide warming via an anthology of essays. contains black-and-white photos, sidebars, desk of contents and global map. bankruptcy booklet: four chapters.

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There is also notable lack of geographic data and literature on observed changes, with marked scarcity in developing countries. Future changes in the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet mass are another major source of uncertainty that could increase sea level rise projections. The need for further scientific input calls for continued trust and cooperation from policy makers and society at large to support the work needed for scientific progress. How climate change will affect peace is for others to determine, but we have provided scientific assessment of what could become a basis for conflict.

We are what is wrong, and we must make it right. Al Gore, Nobel Lecture, December 10, 2007. org. • Asian and African mega-deltas, due to large populations and high exposure to sea level rise, storm surges, and river flooding The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report concludes that nonclimate stresses can increase vulnerability to climate change by reducing resilience and can also reduce adaptive capacity because of resource deployment towards competing needs. Vulnerable regions face multiple stresses that affect their exposure and sensitivity to various impacts as well as their capacity to adapt.

By 2020, in some African countries, yields from rain-fed agriculture could be reduced by up to 50%. Agricultural production, including access to food, in many African countries is projected to be severely compromised. The health status of millions of people is projected to be affected through, for example, increases in malnutrition; increased deaths, diseases, and injury due to extreme weather events; increased burden of diarrhoeal diseases; increased frequency of cardio-respiratory diseases due to higher concentra32 Debating Global Climate Change tions of ground-level ozone in urban areas related to climate change; and the altered spatial distribution of some infectious diseases.

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