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I C booty did not suffice. But it seems likely that any liturgy system functioned in terms of a designated monetary unit from Servius Tullius onwards. At ali even ts , the record of temple building and the archaeological evidence of imports to Rome show that both individuals and the community bccame poorcr between the carly fifth century and the founh century, no doubt largely as a result of the not conspicuously suc~:essful warfare of the period. The indebtedness of sorne of the plebs, prcsumably as a result of loans in kind, and the political ambitions of others combined to produce confrontation between plebeians and patricians.

BC iii, 17, 64 and 20, 73. 240, n. 1) and discussion in rext. a ths and births by the dedication of, inttr alio, a coin , attrlbutt:d to Hippias by (Aristotlc), Ott . ii, 13+7a 14-17, it is perhaps legitima tc to suppose that Piso was filling out his narrative '"'ith accivities imported from Gre<~k sources. evidence of anachronism sec R . M. Ogi1vie ad loc. Éléments sous droits d'auteur THE EARLY REP U BLIC rg early economy of Rome and linally consider the d eveloping use of moncy by the R oman state.

21 4-21 2 gm. (inferred from construction of balance) 212 gm. iversity on the monetary history of the Roman Republic is one of the central them es of this book. 33 Snnnio, 318. F. Ant. 89, 159, ' Della libbra en·usca '. , seems to relate to a wcight from Pannouia, of 1mperial date. now what to rnakc of the weight of 990 gm. with liftcen dots from Grosseto, L. Dona ti and M. Miche1ucci, La Colleziont Ciaai (Rclmc, 1981 ), 313. 35 The casual and a priori rcjection of both possibilitics by P. Marchetti.

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