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By Paul Preston

Publish 12 months note: initially released 1999

A superb portrait of the Spanish Civil battle from our best historian of Spain. ‘Anyone attracted to Spain will wish this book.‘ Alan Massie, day-by-day Telegraph

A bravura new interpretation of the path, explanations and characters of the Spanish Civil conflict, nonetheless the 20th century’s bloodiest inner clash. research of the Civil conflict has continuously excited by victors and vanquished, yet what of these who eschewed the fight, those that stood except the carnage and chaos? used to be there a 3rd means? beginning on the severe correct of the political spectrum and relocating throughout it to the intense left, utilizing the emblematic lives of ten key participants, Preston builds up an astonishingly brilliant photograph of ways the battle got here to move, and the way those that begun, suffered and stopped it have been colored through the event.

Here are awesome mental profiles of the communist firebrand los angeles Pasionaria, of the canny falangist Primo de Rivera, of the aloof highbrow non-participant Salvador Madariaga, and of the enigma himself, Generalissimo Franco.

‘Comrades offers us with attention-grabbing pix, case stories that illustrate variously the Aristocracy, conceitedness, self-delusion and evil. It continues to be tricky to comprhend the passions that bring about civil warfare; yet this ebook is helping us to understand.’ Michael Portillo, Sunday Telegraph

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