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As a continuation of the sooner volumes during this sequence, the court cases of the 8th overseas convention offer authoritative and up to date details on pig copy examine. This quantity, which incorporates manuscripts accompanying the state-of-the artwork lectures, the parallel classes, and the improved abstracts, offers an authoritative and up to date resource of data on study in pig replica. this article is a useful source for college kids, lecturers, veterinarians, animal scientists, specialists, and technologists with an curiosity in all features of pig reproduction.

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Oviduct epithelial annexins have been suggested to immobilize bovine sperm (by binding bovine sperm proteins BSP; Ignotz et al. 2007). Annexin A2 has also been proposed to be involved in sperm-oviduct binding in the sow (Teijero et al. 2009). S. M. Gadella Sirard 1998). Catalases that secreted from oviduct may protect sperm from peroxidation damage as is demonstrated in the cow (Lapointe et al. 1998). The interplay of varying glycoproteins at the surface of sperm and oviduct epithelia or oviductal fluid as well as the varying amounts and composition of glycosidases probably orchestrate proper sperm activation just around ovulation in the pig (Carrasco et al.

2005; Holt et al. 2007. See Fig. 1). Recently, by means of CASA systems, it has been possible to find computerised systems to objectively estimate sperm head dimensions with a similar statistical approach. Computer-assisted sperm morphometry analysis (CASMA) can be used to distribute spermatozoa in morphometrically distinct subpopulations within the ejaculate and to disclose their relationship with sperm quality (Saravia et al. 2007). SP1 SP2 SP3 Percentage of spermatozoa 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 1 2 3 4 5 Cryopreservation steps Fig.

An atomic force microscopic surface view of a porcine sperm head. B. Lipid ordered microdomains at the sperm surface cluster into the apical ridge area of the porcine sperm during in vitro capacitation. C. The interactions that the sperm undertakes with the zona pellucida and the oocyte leading to fertilization. 1. zona binding, 2. the acrosome reaction, 3. zona drilling, 4. oolemma binding and fertilization, 5. activation of pronucleus formation and oocyte activation, 6. induction of a blockade for polyspermic fertilization.

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