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By Eleanora Gilbert

A fascinating compilation of the lifestyles tales of completely traditional humans and the various paths they have taken on their religious trip trying to find oneness, completeness, and unity
From a wealthy number of backgrounds, the people profiled here have been via amazing studies resulting in extraordinary new perceptions. They all shared a standard experience of dissatisfaction with their lives and a eager for happiness, connection, health and wellbeing, love, pleasurable relationships, wealth, and freedom. As they reveal the potential by which they each went approximately attaining an finish to their suffering—from treatment to check with specialists, their stories range from humorous to moving and tragic to inspiring, yet there's a common element in their engagement with nonduality. basically, nonduality capability no separation—although it seems that there are separate members and gadgets in our international, in fact there's in basic terms oneness. It is that this cognizance that has reworked the lives of those 26 ordinary women and men from many cultures and from a variety of social, fiscal, and ethnic backgrounds. right here they percentage their insights and wisdom.

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Although I insist that there are no necessary implications in this, nevertheless it’s a fairly common experience that a certain amount of neurosis drops away when this is seen. That may have the effect of making the character easier to be around for other people. But I think ultimately you’d have to ask the other people about that. Iain: I promised Julian at your publishing company Non-Duality Press that I’d do a little plug for the books at the end. The first one is I Hope You Die Soon. On the face of it, it’s a rather ironical title.

It’s either seen or it isn’t seen. Iain: It’s a grace of God thing in a way? Richard: If you like, yes. It’s grace. Iain: There again, if you’re an intelligent person and you’re not happy with your life, it’s kind of stupid not to seek somehow. So you have no alternative - that’s the dilemma. Richard: Where there’s the sense of a person being there, seeking can’t be avoided. It might be spiritual seeking, or it might be seeking for a faster car… or a faster woman… or both. Iain: People get through that after a time.

When it’s seen that nothing could have happened differently, that’s the same thing as saying that this has to be exactly the way it is. That this couldn’t be otherwise. Iain: When you reached that critical point, what happened next? Jeff: Well, I became quite sick, with a pretty serious case of glandular fever. And one night I collapsed in my bathroom. I had been vomiting blood, and I passed out. I woke up in a pool of blood, tried to move and realised that I was paralysed. And I thought, That’s it – I’m going to die.

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