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By Rosalind A. McKnight

Foreword by means of Laurie A. Monroe.
Explorers are recognized for the trips they take, Rosie McKnight explored the massive nonphysical dimensions of awareness. With famed out-of-body researcher Robert Monroe, she helped to additional the certainty of human attention, and to illustrate past doubt that we're greater than our actual our bodies. a lot of those pioneering classes are provided the following virtually note for observe, as they have been taped, with her hot and encouraging observations of Bob Monroe and the early days of The Monroe Institute (TMI).Here are explorations of non-human power structures, interactions with hugely advanced beings, strategies in regards to the make-up of the numerous degrees of the universe, perspectives of the afterlife and the animal dimensions, the character of therapeutic and tips, a glance on the destiny, and masses extra. here's the pursuit of the genuine that means of technology fearlessly mapping anywhere the inquisitive brain takes us.Through the braveness of Rosie McKnight and different explorers at TMI, we're given, as Laurie Monroe writes in her creation, "a readability of belief and a feeling of the greatness that's past our daily life."

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Wow, Bob," I said. " "You not only passed the test," Bob replied. "You get an A+ for your performance today. You're a natural Explorer. I was amazed that you went so deep in only your second session. I didn't expect that. My main goal during today's session was simply to find some electronic frequencies that would at least keep you awake. " As Bob talked more about his Explorer Team, I realized that he was somewhat secretive about his other Explorers. He didn't want us to meet each other because he did not want us to compare notes.

Then everything began to feel weird in my head. " That was the best way I could even begin to describe it: my energy felt thick and heavy. " Then I went into what seemed to be a black-out period, which I later interpreted as my consciousness changing gears. When I came out of this blackout state, I experienced a new level of awareness. I felt a sense of detachment from my physical body. My physical heaviness had disappeared. Indeed, I suddenly experienced my consciousness as existing outside my physical body.

Every cell in the body is a pattern of the whole, and is a universe in and of itself. All knowledge exists therein. Every human system is capable of tapping into that source, which is its very being. " ROMC: "The body is in no way a boundary. It is just an encasement—a storage place for the human system to energize. But there is one important factor to take into consideration. ' Thought, or emotional levels, can in and of themselves block the communication flow. " ROMC: "Out-of-body travel is a term used to describe the manner in which the energy body, or soul, can function in the other dimensions of its own being.

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