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By Marc Van de Mieroop

Cuneiform Texts and the Writing of heritage discusses how the ample Mesopotamian cuneiform textual content resources can be utilized for the research of varied elements of background: political, social, monetary and gender. Marc Van De Mieroop presents a student-friendly creation to the topic and:* criticises disciplinary methodologies that are usually educated via a wish to write a historical past of occasions* scrutinises the highbrow historical past of old writings* examines how Mesopotamia's place because the 'other' in Classical and Biblical writings has inspired scholarship* illustrates methods with examples taken from the whole lot of Mesopotamian background.

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Others contain such information within building inscriptions; for instance, Samsu-iluna recounts his conquest of the South before he commemorates the restoration of the city walls and temple at Sippar (Frayne 1990:374–8). Also in Assyria, royal building inscriptions, especially starting with those of Adad-nerari I (ca. 1300), provide the campaigns as a means of dating the construction: after the king had gone on campaigns in a sequence of years, he built a palace or a temple. What may have been the primary purpose of the annalistic texts, the commemoration of a construction, becomes almost an appendix to a long account of annual campaigns (Grayson 1980:151–2).

If these messages were properly read and interpreted, evil could be averted by imploring the gods to change their minds. Everything was of interest: the flight of birds, the patterns smoke made, the appearance of newborns, the movements of planets and stars, to name only a few things. : “If a man starts a journey and a crow stands on the right and caws, that man will not go where he intends, he will be unhappy” (Guinan 1989:230). Tens of thousands of such statements, some seemingly based on observation, others made up along patterns of good/evil, are found (see Bottéro 1992:125–37).

Often the absolute chronology can be extrapolated from this, as at many points, especially in the first millennium, we can anchor the sequence we have into our reckoning of years BC. This aspect is of little consequence for the internal history of Mesopotamia, however, and will not be discussed here (see Garelli 1969:227–39). LETTERS Letters on cuneiform tablets are also present in every period of Mesopotamian history except for the earliest. They have the great advantage that they are informative about subjects not treated in administrative and legal documents, and that they are more explicit, more immediate than these laconic records.

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