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By Dr. Bruce Goldberg

During this startling paintings, Dr. Bruce Goldberg teaches his time-tested rules, together with leisure & self-hypnosis, visualization, and affirmations that may actually re-program your destiny. He bargains with the idea that of self-defeating sequences and the way humans sabotage themselves and software themselves for failure as a result of low expectancies, a terrible self-concept, and negativity.

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The press treated him as a celebrity, and his work became known nationally. Morrell designed what was called the Honor System, and with his influence, spearheaded a movement 46 Destiny Vs. Fate that resulted in Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Washington State, Pennsylvania and Canada implementing this system. Morrell spoke to a joint session of the Pennsylvania State Legislature in Harrisburg in 1917. He was the first exconvict in the state's history to address this political body. His social circle included governors, judges, statesmen, noted newspapermen, poets, foreign dignitaries, psychiatrists and a plethora of other renowned figures of the time.

His attention was focused suddenly on a young twelve-year-old girl sitting to the right near an open window with her head bent low over a book. When he approached the girl, she raised her head as if to acknowledge Morrell's presence. He described his introduction to this girl as follows: “When I entered the class room I noticed that just a few of the young faces were cloudy, almost in shadow. But the little girl, my little girl whom I picked out from among all of them, was fairly radiant with light.

Music may facilitate your motivation to exercise, increase endurance, focus your concentration, attend to chores and get in tune with your body. Some upbeat and fast-tempo music makes you feel less tired. 3 3 B. Goldberg, New Age Hypnosis (St. Paul: Llewellyn, 1998).

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