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The second international standard for chorionic gonadotrophin. WHO, 31:111-125. Bangham, D. , and Mussett, M. V. (1959). The fourth international standard for insuUn. Bull WHO, 20:1209-1220. Bangham, D. , Mussett, M. , and Stack-Dunne, M. P. (1962). The third interĀ­ national standard for corticotrophin. Bull WHO 27:395-408. Bangham, D. , Mussett, M. , and Stack-Dunne, M. P. (1963). The second international standard for prolactin. Bull WHO, 29:721. Bangham, D. , Robertson, J. I. , Robinson, C. , and Tree, M.

The time of maximal response may not necessarily be the same in different laboratories. This is presumably due to slightly different techniques, animal strains, or the standard preparation of hormone being used. For instance, in the assay of PTH described by Chambers et al. (1978a), the peak response was at 8 min. Essentially similar assays described by Goltsman et al. (1980) and Fenton et al. (1978) had peak response at times of 6 and 12 min, respectively. As aheady mentioned, the time of maximum response will also vary according to the parĀ­ ticular biochemical parameter being used.

Taken from 31st ECBS Report, WHO Tech, Rep. Ser. No. 658,1981. What's in a Bioassay? 33 These substances may be natural precursor forms of the analyte or binding protein, degradation products (from in vivo or in vitro degradation), or other substances that carry on their surfaces a molecular configuration similar to the binding (immunoreactive) site(s) of the analyte or binding protein. Detection Limit: The smallest amount or concentration of analyte which, with stated confidence (commonly 2 standard deviations, or expressed as confidence or fiducial limits), can be distinguished from zero.

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