Download Czechoslovak Political Prisoners : Life Stories of 5 Male by Tomas Bouska, Klara Pinerova (translated to English by PDF

By Tomas Bouska, Klara Pinerova (translated to English by Kamila Novakova and Justin A. Osswald)

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It was secret so my mom wasn’t present. For a little while after the trial I stayed in Hradiště where I worked in the laundry and then my hands started to be sore. So then they put me in the kitchen to peel potatoes, which was nice because we actually got something to eat. From bad food I had festers all over my body. I was used to everything that was homemade and there all kinds of unnatural preservatives and artificial things were added. In Uherské Hradiště we stayed about a month and then they took me to Pankrác13.

None of the Czech girls paid attention to me there, they were all lying on the bunks and resting. Then it was 2 o’clock and I was still sitting there like a bag-lady. My bundle was still next to me, since I still didn’t know how to fold my blankets or anything because still, no one showed me how. All of a sudden, Elfy Tandler came up to me and she started asking questions and realized I was really hungry. She brought me bread, grease, cheese, and jam. There we were already able to take bread without limits.

However, those who claimed Czech nationality lost the right to live at their original address and those who chose German nationality were in danger of being drafted into the Wehrmacht. 3 State secret police known under the abbreviation StB, was a political police force in Czechoslovakia during the communist era. 4 Aš – a town in Western Bohemia. 2 44 the Communist Party? Are you a member of the Youth Organisation? Oh, you are not? ” Later, I had to stop working for the lawyer because it was forbidden to have servants.

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