Fantasia for Six Recorders, Three Descants and Three Trebles

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It's played the same way a flute is, but makes higher pitched sounds (one octave higher). Social Studies - It is fascinating to study the beginnings and history of musical instruments. This was the third release in Crystal's exciting project of recording the complete 24 Reicha Woodwind Quintets. "...both the ear and intellect are gratified by these quintets. A six-time GrammyR nominee, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2009.

Pages: 18

Publisher: Schott & Co. (1956)


Descant Recorder Exam Pieces Grade 4 2007-2011 (score + Part): Trinity Guildhall Descant Recorder Examination Pieces 2007-2011

recorder PLAY TIME Stage 3, Margo Fagan

Concertino (Op. 49). For recorder (or flute), violin, 'cello & harpsichord (or piano), Score and parts.

Gleichwie der Regen und Schnee vom Himmel fällt, BWV 18: Recorder 1 part (Qty 3) [A4485]

Virtuoso Suite for Treble Recorder

Top Tunes for Recorder: 50 Favorite Melodies for Grades 1-2

Erstes Zusammenspiel Fur 2 Und 3 Blockfloten ( 2 and 3 Recorders )

Its dark, smooth tone took some time to win wide approval, and it made its first notable orchestral appearances with the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who wrote for it with outstanding sympathy. In the Romantic period, Carl Maria von Weber and Johannes Brahms followed his lead. In time-honoured fashion, smaller and larger forms were invented: the E flat clarinet and bass clarinet are the most common download. Stephanie Jutt’s elegant artistry and passionate intellect have inspired musicians and audiences around the world. Her groundbreaking performances of new music, transcriptions, and traditional repertoire have made her a model for adventurous flutists everywhere. Jutt’s all-Brahms recording, Stolen Moments, with Jeffrey Sykes, pianist, was released in January 2005 on Centaur ref.: Ten Dovetailed Tunes for 2 download here download here. We recommend that you contact your local customs or import office for further information. One of the most common woodwind repair needs is replacement of a clarinet or oboe tenon cork (or bassoon, if you have cork joints, or wooden piccolo, or recorder…). It’s an easy job, and doesn’t require much more than a piece of cork and a few minutes. A few weeks ago, I replaced the bell tenon cork on this clarinet with a composite cork product, made from compressed cork bits ref.: Adele - Recorder Fun!: with Easy Instructions & Fingering Chart read here. 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Above this are the sopranino in F and the gar klein Flötlein ("really small flute") in C, with a lowest note of c". An experimental 'piccolino' has also been produced in f". Below the soprano are the alto in F (in Britain also known as the treble), tenor in C and basset in F (in Britain known as the bass). Lower instruments in C and F exist (bass in C - in Britain also known as the Great Bass, contrabass in F, subcontrabass in C, and sub-subcontrabass or octo-contrabass in F) but are more rare , e.g. Basix®: Recorder Method - Bk+CD Fork fingerings have a different tonal character from the diatonic notes, giving the recorder a somewhat uneven sound. Budget tenor/bass recorders might have a single key for low C/F but not low C#/F#, making this note virtually impossible to play Pokemon 2.B.A. Master: read here read here. In the 1820s a csakan "in the pleasing shape of an oboe" was introduced in a "simple" form with a single key and a "complex" form with up to twelve keys like those found on contemporaneous flutes. Well known makers of the csakan included Johann Ziegler and Stephan Koch in Vienna, and Franz Schöllnast in Pressburg. According to accounts left by Schöllnast, the csakan was primarily an amateur instrument, purchased by those who wanted something simple and inexpensive, however there were also accomplished professionals, such as Viennese court oboist Ernst Krähmer (1795–1837) who toured as far afield as Russia, playing the csakan with acclaimed virtuosity. [101] Around 400 works for the csakan were published in the first half of the 19th century, mainly for csakan solo, csakan duet or csakan with guitar or piano Hal Leonard Teach Yourself Recorder (Book/CD/DVD)

Love Came Down at Christmas(Choral Score) - Piano, opt. Organ, Orff Instruments, Recorder - Choral Sheet Music

Pocahontas: Book/Instrument Pack (Recorder Fun!)

Recorder Concerto No. 3 in G Major Set of Parts

The transition to the 3rd octave is possible because the 15th note (g3 on a descant in g’) can be played with a fingering (Ø1234567) derived from this note Hannah Montana Recorder Fun download online The sound of a saxophone is fairly well distributed between the finger holes and the bell ref.: Sonata For Treble Recorder And read pdf And because not as much breath control is required, and no special mouthing techniques have to be mastered as with the other woodwinds, your child can produce a sound much more easily , source: It`s Romantic Time for 1-2 download online Plastic recorders are produced in large quantities. Plastics are cheaper and require less maintenance and plastic recorders are equal to or better than lower-end wooden instruments. Beginners' instruments, the sort usually found in children's ensembles, are plastic and can be purchased quite cheaply Suite, Op. 10 for Descant Recorder and Celesta (Piano), Percussion ad lib. Recorders are fairly inexpensive, compared with other woodwinds. You can purchase a plastic recorder for under $10 at music stores Recorder Playing in Colour Bk read for free The recorder is by far the easiest instrument for children to get started on. It’s cheap, lightweight and not complicated to play. Producing a note is easy, although producing a note which sounds nice is more of a challenge! The clarinet and flute are the next easiest to learn. The fingerings learnt on the recorder can be easily transferred to these instruments with some small adjustments Three Grounds Recorder Quartet download epub download epub. There's quite a wide repertoire of music available for Soprano recorder. Your first instrument should be one tuned to A440Hz or A443Hz recorder BACH Ausgewaehlte download pdf They now offer the ultimate combination of expressiveness, response and control while staying true to their free-spirited origins. Since the Custom Z was developed in 2003, the technology, craftsmanship and specifications of the Custom Z series have continued to improve to fulfill the needs of the highest level musicians online.

Easy Classic Recorder Duets: With one very easy part, and the other more difficult. Comprises favourite melodies from the world's greatest composers ... with the easiest. (The Ruby Recorder)

Suite Bellerophon Recorder and Piano

Hal Leonard Essential Elements for Recorder Classroom Edition

Easy Winners Recorder PA

My Singing Bird by The American Children of SCORE (String, Choral, Orff, and Recorder Ensemble) (1998) Audio CD

Little Gems for Recorder: Easy pieces arranged for descant recorder with optional piano accompaniment and practice tips. (The Ruby Recorder)

Method for the Recorder: Soprano and Tenor, Part 1

Recorder Music - Volume 2 Book

The Sound of Music: Book/Instrument Pack (Recorder Fun)

John Jenkins (1592-1678) four pieces in four parts for recorders or other instruments

Telemann Sonate C Dur for Recorder (Flute or Violin) and Piano (Violoncello as libitum) (Peters Edition, No. 4550)

Three Grounds Recorder Quartet Sc/pts

A cardioid pickup pattern works best for this approach. As a secondary or even primary microphone, a PZM boundary mic in omni mode taped to a hard reflective surface such as a wall or window will often work wonders for the saxophone, creating a nice sonic expanse while rounding off some of the �honking� character that instrument sometimes projects. When recording the flute, an overhead approach with a cardioid mic 6-12" (pop) and 3-8' (classical) away, aimed on-axis midway between the mouthpiece and the center of the instrument should yield a nice blend of breathy character and body tone Elemental Recorder Playing read here The top of the instrument is damaged: only a cut side of the windway survives, and the block has been lost. A reconstruction by Hans Reiners has a strident, penetrating sound rich in overtones and has a range of two octaves. With the thumb hole and the first three finger holes covered, the reconstruction produces a pitch ca. 450 Hz [(Recorder Sight-reading 2: Pt. 2: A Fresh Approach)] [Author: John Kember] published on (July, 2008) Innovative Saxophones, Cutting edge designs. We specializing in selling the most innovative saxophones and accessories currently available. From Sopranino, & C Sopranos to Curved Sopranos. From Bass Sax and Contra Bass Saxophone to the Soprillo and Olegophone.. High Quality Tenor, Alto, Soprano & Baritone saxophones. We also buy, sell and restore vintage saxophones ref.: The Baroque Recorder Soprano Recorder Woodwind Instruments - Buy Piccolos, Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones Brass Instruments Marching Brass Woodwind Instruments Orchestral String Instruments Electronic Wind Controllers Practice/Play Along Home Studio Band & Orchestra Accessories. Electronic Woodwind Instrument — Blaswandler Spieler Ein Blaswandler (englisch Wind Controller, Electronic Wind Instrument, kurz: EWI) ist ein elektronisches Musikinstrument.. , cited: Mini-Etudes - Schmidt-Wunstor - Alphonse Leduc - 2 Recorder - 524-00915 David Lean’s epic film “Lawrence of Arabia” was nominated for ten Academy Awards and won seven, including Best Original Score for Maurice Jarre’s masterful musical depiction of the exotic world through which T Hal Leonard Taylor Swift download online EWI/ Electronic Woodwind Instrument Fingering Chart. August 29, 2013 by admin Category: Uncategorized No Comments. EWI Series: Akai Professional - Iconic music production gear, including... Akai Professional entered the electronic music industry in 1984 with one purpose - to give artists the tools they need to express and explore new musical possibilities , e.g. The Recorder Anthology - read here Please support Howarth of London's Grade-One-Athon. We are raising money for the amazing music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins, by learning new woodwind instruments from scratch for our ABRSM Grade 1 exams in October epub. Some recorder makers added a special bell key for this note — newer recorder designs with longer bores also solve this problem and extend the range even further. The note is only occasionally found in pre-20th-century music, but it has become standard in modern music 400 Years of Recorder Music read here Sound is produced with vibrations from the double reed by blowing. The oboe is the instrument that gives the tuning note to the orchestra Songs for 3 Recorders (Ruetz) They get their name from the fact that most of them were once made of wood. Today many are made of other materials such as metal or plastic. There are a lot of types of woodwinds including the flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, bagpipes, and recorder Celtic Music For Recorder. Partitions, CD pour Flûte à Bec read here.

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